The Aussie Bird Count is an all-ages activity that involves observing and counting the birds that live near you in your garden, the local park, at the beach or in the city centre. Your 20 minute survey helps BirdLife Australia develop an understanding of local birds and you get to know the feathery friends of your neighbourhood. You can count multiple times or multiple locations this week if you want.

Why count now? Spring is the season when birds are more lively and visible. Thousands of migrant birds return to our shores in spring as well. For these reasons it is also National Bird Week, a tradition that started back in the early 1900s.

It’s best to count the birds from one spot for 20 minutes and see how many you can observe from where you’re standing or sitting. Birdlife Australia recommend counting within a (maximum) 80m radius or an area of approximately 100m x 200m. There’s an Aussie Bird Count app to help you complete your 20 minute survey or you can enter your data online. There’s a handy bird finder on the Birds In Backyards site to help ID the birds you see.

Have a go at some citizen science this week and let us know via if you see an unusual bird in Kensington.