Large Trees

Eucalyptus cameldulensis
River Red Gum

Description: Iconic and much-loved large tree often exceeding 30m. Multicolour flaking bark and massive trunk. Adult leaves grey-green, typical ‘gum’ leaves. Small white flowers in late summer. Fast growing. Long-lived, up to 1,000 years.

Cultivation: Easy to grow in most soils, although too large for most gardens. Prefers full sun. Tolerant of drought and frost.


  • Helps stabilise creekbanks
  • May drop large limbs unexpectedly.
  • Tree hollows provide homes for possums, lorikeets, etc.
  • Traditional Aboriginal uses: seeds used to be eaten. Known as “karra” in Kaurna language.
  • Timber is termite resistant and used for heavy furniture.
  • Bird and butterfly attracting.