Borthwick Park Bird List

Glossopsitta concinna
Musk lorikeet (Glossopsitta concinna)

Resident birds

  • Rainbow lorikeet
  • Noisy miner (bully-boys of the park)
  • White backed magpie
  • Murray magpie (Mudlark)
  • Eastern rosella
  • Adelaide rosella
  • Striated pardalote
  • Kookaburra
  • Crested pigeon (can be common when residents put seed)
  • Boobook owl

Occasional Visitors

  • Yellow tailed black cockatoo
  • Red wattle bird (common in surrounding streets but occasionally seen in park)
  • Grey currawong
  • Pacific black duck
  • Musk lorikeet (has bred in park in past)
  • Blackbird (introduced species)
  • Galah (common spring visitor eating Acacia pycnantha seeds)
  • Little raven

Note that other bird species are found in surrounding streets but not in the park; largely due to bullying behaviour of Noisy Miners and Rainbow Lorikeets.

Keep an eye out in broader Kensington for New Holland Honey-eaters, Senegal (spotted) turtledoves and black-faced cuckoo shrikes, as well as sparrows and domestic pigeons.