Guides for communities and residents

Green Adelaide (GA) have produced a new edition of “Looking after waterways – a property owner’s guide” that you can download or Green Adelaide will provide hard copies if required. Click here for more information.

Towards cooler, greener wilder seminar series (online)
Running monthly throughout 2023, the new GA online seminar series ‘Towards cooler, greener, wilder’ gives you a chance to hear about key environment projects to cool, green and wild metropolitan South Australia.

Seminar #1 – Supporting biodiversity in urban environments with RMIT’s Professor Sarah Bekessy and Melbourne University’s Dr Georgia Garrard. Learn how we can all apply biodiversity sensitive urban design (BSUD), a design framework for cities, schools and homes which prioritises habitat for threatened species to improve biodiversity. This seminar introduces the concept of BSUD and presents local case studies of implementation across Adelaide to benefit both people and nature. Green Adelaide began working with RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) in October 2022 to build an evidence base for BSUD in Adelaide. This session was recorded and will be available on the Green Adelaide YouTube channel.

Upcoming seminars

·         How restoring urban ecosystems improves our health Wednesday 15 March, 4-5pm

·         Looking after waterways Thursday 6 April, 4-5pm

·         May – TBC

·         Cultural Land Management Wednesday 21 June, 4-5pm

·         Rewilding Adelaide –what where when and how Thursday 20 July, 4-5pm

·         Aug – TBC

·         Inclusivity in environmental volunteering Wed 20 September, 4-5pm

·         Saving our threatened plant species Thursday 12 October, 4-5pm

·         Microbats of Adelaide Tuesday 7 November, 4-5pm

Find updates and registrations here: Courses and events | Green Adelaide