Households and home ownership

In 2021, Kensington was home to 1,808 people in 1,011 dwellings with ~47% renting, ~23% owned outright and ~22% owned with mortgage.

49% of Kensington households are family households and 47% of our households are single-person households.

Rental stress

Of the occupied private rental dwellings, one quarter require rent payments greater than 30% of the total household income.

Marital status

About 42% of residents aged over 15 years (781 individuals) have never married, about 35% are married with the rest divorced, widowed or separated in descending order of volume. Compared to State and National averages Kensington is home to fewer married people and more ‘never married’ or divorcees.

Our aging suburb

Our most populous age brackets are 25-29 years, 30-34 years and 45-49 years. We have proportionally more residents aged over 65 years and, conversely, proportionally less 0- to 14-year-olds than recorded for the rest of the state and the nation.

Country of birth

The majority of Kensington residents were born in Australia (62.8% or 1,136 of 1,808 people) with the other top birthplaces being India (5.1%), England (4.9%), China (not Special Administrative Regions of China, not Taiwan) (2.5%), Italy (2.1%) and the Republic of South Korea (1.8%). Interestingly the relative volumes of residents with both parents born in Australia and both parents born overseas are similar.

Of our 1,808 residents, 187 speak a language other than English at home (mostly Mandarin, Italian, Korean, Spanish or Telugu).


Almost half our residents have ‘no religion’ (45.4%, 821 people) with the next highest proportion of Kensington residents citing Catholicism as their faith (18.8%).


Although 58% report no long term health issues, 10% report long term mental health issues including depression or anxiety, 10% are managing arthritis and 8% have asthma.

Caring and volunteering

12.5% or 196 people of our 1,808 Kensington residents provided unpaid assistance to a person with a disability, health condition or needs related to old age during the fortnight before Census Night. Approximately 20% of Kensington residents did voluntary work in the 12 months prior to the Census, higher than the S.A. average and the national average.

Transport to work

At around 53%, we’re about the national average for the proportion of residents who drive to work, but Kensington is above the state and national averages for the proportion of residents who bus, bike or walk to work.

Have a click through and search the Census data in your own way and see what patterns pique your interest.

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