Look out for these lovely locals putting on a show of winter colour in Borthwick Park. The hardy evergreen Hardenbergia violacea a.k.a native lilac, Happy Wanderer, False Sarsaparilla or Purple Coral Pea is indigenous to the Adelaide area and greater South Australia. They will twine and climb to 1-2 metres and in winter-spring they produce masses of purple pea flowers.

Try them in your garden. Hardenbergia likes a sunny or semi shaded position. It flowers better in full sun and it needs well drained soil (but can handle clay) and prefers a frost free site (but will cope with some frost). It has a tendency to run up a wall or fence and ball at the top and be leggy below – prune after flowering for compact growth or even fence coverage.

✔Green all year ✔Adapted to local conditions ✔Winter colour for your garden ✔Attracts native butterflies ✔Caterpillar food source

Photo credit: John Legg