No, we’re not asking you to join a picket line! We just need some keen local gardeners to strike and care for a batch of Myoporum parvifolium (Creeping Boobialla) cuttings. Volunteers will plant out your successful cuttings in the winter of 2023. Yes! You can help revegetate Borthwick Park from the comfort of your own backyard.

These ground covers thrive in Borthwick Park. They provide excellent shelter and food for small critters like lizards and insects, and compete with weeds and grasses for nutrients and light.

Or try your hand at striking Ruby Saltbush or correas or … talk to John (0422 909 710) about which shrubs in the park to source your cuttings from and have a go at plant propagation. It’s good fun and, best of all, will make a difference in Borthwick Park, the green heart of Kensington.

There’s no creeping going on here, these boobiallas are zooming ahead!