As 2022 closed, we thought it appropriate to provide you with an update about the progress of our Council volunteer program in Borthwick Park.

The purpose of the project is to:
• re-establish an example of pre-settlement landscape in an urban setting, in balance with recreational and other community needs.
• provide a natural setting for both healthy activities and quiet contemplation in the heart of the Kensington.
• provide opportunities for community engagement through volunteering and interaction with a range of natural processes.
• educate the community about the many benefits of native Australian plants.
• act locally, combatting climate change and maintaining a thriving habitat of flora and fauna in a sustainable open space.

Local engagement in this mature project remains strong, with our community highly engaged through meetings, working bees, planting days and community events. Initiated by the Kensington Residents’ Association in 2009 and supported by Council, this project remains one of our most effective forms of community engagement and is a vibrant example of Council and community working together. It is a local ‘feel-good’ project that helps to address climate change, at the same time augmenting the City’s tree canopy at a time when much of Adelaide’s tree canopy is in decline.

Read the full report by clicking the Download button below… the ‘before-and-after’ photos on pages 7-11 show the amazing transformation achieved over the 13-year history of the Borthwick Park Biodiversity Project.